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Sun, Jul. 8th, 2007, 11:20 pm
King of the Death Match 2001

I have a backlog of reviews so I will be getting caught up in the coming days on IWA reviews since I'm trying to work through all the stuff I have.  Lets start with some KOTDM.

Tue, Nov. 21st, 2006, 04:16 am

I only watched the first half of this but the punk Knox match was good, I'd go 6/10
That being said Punk needs to put some weight on if he is going to be the guy to move up from ECW and become a super star. He has what it takes he just needs the look. Other than that..it makes me a little sad to see Paul out there and watch him talk up his show as if it's anything other than another WWE product. Since they aren't even performing anywhere other than Smackdown tapings it doesn't even look like anything but a WWE show. I'll update this again when I finish the rest of the show
Guido vs. Daivari
OK little match though it all seems so smackdowny. 3.5/10

Tommy Dreamer vs. Test
Elimination Chamber Qualifier.
Decent little back and forth match until Test gets a low blow and then finishes off Dreamer.
Test moves on to the Elimination Chamber

Show & Heyman vs Bob Holly & RVD
Show sqaushes RVD to start. They have a bad spot where RVD is having to call Show over to keep him from tagging. Tthats pretty much the whole match, heymen never gets in and when RVD tags Holly, holly turns on RVD...Thanks guys ...great main event.
Well evidently I have not been missing much with ECW.

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